National Anthem of Crimea (1917-1918) - "Ант еткенмен"03:31

National Anthem of Crimea (1917-1918) - "Ант еткенмен"

Neo Kipchak Khanate (golden horde)
Neo Kıpçak Hanlığı (Altın Orda Devleti)
February 21, 2017–
Ukraine khanate.png 272px-Gerae-tamga.svg.png
Flag Coat of arms
National Anthem of Crimea (1917-1918) - "Ант еткенмен"03:31

National Anthem of Crimea (1917-1918) - "Ант еткенмен"

Ukraine empire.png
Map of Khanate before and after invade some countries in europe
Golden horde map.png
Capital Stary Krym
Largest city Eski Qırım


Languages ukrainian Armenian, Azerbaijani, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Crimean Tatar, Gagauz, German, Greek, Hungarian, Karaim, Krymchak, Moldovan, Polish, Romani, Romanian, Russian, Rusyn, Slovak, Yiddis
Official languages Crimean tatars
Religion Islam

Tengrism Shamanism Christianity Tibetan Buddhism

Government Absolute Monarchy
 -  february 21 2017-2028 Küchük Muhammad II
 - 1st March -present Şahin Giray
 - Ukraine khanate become neo golden horde after defeated

poland,baltics ,belarus and russia

GDP (PPP) {{{GDP_PPP_date}}}
 - Total $5.420 trillion(5th)
HDI (2017) Increase 0.756
very high
Currency Tenge (₸) (UAH)
Date format DD-MM-YYYY
Calling code ++380
Preceded by
National Flag of Poland.png Poland
Flag of Lithuania.svg.png Lithuania
Flag of Ukraine.svg.png Ukraine
Flag of Belarus (1995-2012).svg.png Belarus
Blank.png Latvia
Blank.png Estonia
Flag of Russia.svg Russia
Blank.png Kazakhstan
Uzbekistanflag.png Uzbekistan
Flag of Tajikistan.svg.png Tajikistan
Blank.png Kyrgyzstan
Flag of Turkmenistan.svg.png Turkmenistan
Flag of Azerbaijan.svg Azerbaijan
Flag of Armenia.svg Armenia
Blank.png Georgia


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Sultanate Of France

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