Uman is a nation located in Western Ukraine, Northern Romania, and Moldova. It is made by TheOneLeggedFascist. It is a Monarchy.



So Uman was formed in 2037 after Ukraine collapsed. It then build a large empire that had most of Western Ukraine, besides the part that became a part of Poland, which Uman became a rival with. Later, after Romania collapsed in 2051, Uman took lands in Moldavia. After that, they made an alliance with Germany, Turkey, and Russia, and divided the rest of Ukraine with Russia. That is how it remains today, in the year 2076.





1 Adam Olynik 2037-2045
2 Yuri Kolba 2045-2048
3 Maksim Kolba 2048-2059
4 Klim Olynik 2059-2063
5 Taras Yivsalin 2063
6 Wasyl Olynik 2063-2073
7 Pavlo Kolba 2073-
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