The Flags and Map.

New Unified Slavic flag
UniSlav national flag
Bby oh

Culture & Religion

The three official languages are, in decreasing amount of the population; Ukrainian, Polish, and Romanian.

The biggest minority language is Bulgarian.

Unified Slavia is a secular Kingdom Republic Federation.

Most people are either Ukrainian Orthodox, Romanian Orthodox, or Roman Catholic. However Neo-Slavic paganism is getting bigger and bigger in eastern Ukraine.

A Little bit about Unified Slavia

If it was formed in real life it would be about 1996. Ukraine and Poland would unite (probably not) take over Belarus (Probably not), become very totalitarian and strong.

If it was formed after a nuke war then it's about 13 years after.


The constitution:

1) Ukrainian Autonomous Republic may leave whenever she wants.

2) Unified Slavia shall never commit mass murdering

3) Russians shall never get into power

4) The flag must change every time a new monarch or political party gets into power.

Government structure:

The leader. The leader always has almost complete power. The leader cannot just fire or kill random people or commit crimes.

The parliament. The parliament pretty much just passes laws and decides to go to war or not.

The local leader. The local leader makes laws for their republic or oblast.

Mayor. The mayor doesn't do much other than balance the budget.

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