The United Caucasus Republic was a nation created in Zombie Melon's Future of Europe series. The current president is Zuyeva Ivanovich, who is currently the third president of this new nation. The nation resides over the Russian part of the Caucasus, along with small parts of the land just above the Caucasus. The nation was created after the fall of Russia. The official language of the nation is Russian and it's capital city is Stavropol. It also secretly currently has control over the Russian abandoned Kinetic Strike System.


The United Caucasus Republic was created after the fall of Russia when the Kinetic Strike System was fired at Moscow. After the catastrophic event which caused Russia to lose most of it's land, most of the previous Russian land was abandoned. The remaining people descended into chaos, living among small communities. The first signs of an unified country happened 3 years after the collapse of Russia. Stavropol was unified under a government and it began expanding outwards until it owned all of the territory around it. Another few years, the Caucasus was now split into two countries, Bolshoy Sochi and Stavropol.

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