United Slavic States is a country from JMathias' serie Alternate Europe Future. It is a communist republic, and its language is Polish.


USS flag


In 2019, pan-slavic revolts appeared in Poland, ordering an racial clen (expel all non-slavic people of Poland). When Poland conquered a part of Romania in 2020 in Moldova War, a lot of non-slavic people became Polish. It angered pan-slavic organizations. When war ended, an armed group made a surprise attack on Varsovia and jailed all politic leaders in two hours. After it, Poland became United Slavic States, seeking unify all slavic countries.


USS economy was based on exportation of rural products. The government started to build electronic basic components factories, but didn't have time to finish.


USS fired all Polish soldiers, because they believe that peace can solve everything.

The Fall

USS failed trying to stop the wars between slavic countries on Balkans. After fail in Bosnia Civil War, Coatia War, Albont War, Hezergovina-Kosovo War and Hezer War, USS abandoned pan-slavism. But a southern district didn't approve it and declared independence, creating Chirks. It sparked the bomb, and the fired soldiers captured Varsovia and another important cities. Now, USS was only the region of the old Belarus. Weak and dispersed, was captured by Poland in 2022.

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