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Flag of Urfa1

Flag of Urfa

Urfa is one of Multi Mappers's secondary nations. It is based in the Middle East, with its prime regions based in Turkey, Iran, Syria, and Iraq.


The City-State of Urfa

The city of Urfa was founded by peasants in the year 4 FE. It's rulers were elected democratically elected and generally stayed neutral in Middle Eastern affairs for 13 years. This changed when Trebzon laid a claim to Anatolia. The current ruler of Urfa, Sanika Mosulia, questioned their motives, and started to build an army of 10,000 men. When Yamnu attacked Urfa, Trezbon and Miraci backed them. The main battle of 24.000 Yamnuians attacked 16,000 Urfans. The Urfan army had superior technology and lost only 1,500 men, while Yamnu lost 8,000 soldiers. The war ended with Urfa gaining most of southern Anatolia. When Rutba invaded, the war was decided when 35,000 Rutbans attacked 13,000 Urfans. Rutba lost 12,000 men while Urfa lost 9,000 men. The Urfan army retreated to the old city of Urfa. The Rutbans mined under the walls and stormed into the city. The 34,000 people who lived there fought, but was no match for the superior Rutban army. Out of 34,000, 31,600 died in the battle, while Rutba lost only 300 men. Because of this, the Rutban dictator ordered the destruction of Urfa, and the city was destroyed.

1st Urfan Empire

After Rutba collapsed fighting Trebzon, some Rutban soldiers and old Urfan residents rebuilt the city further east because the city was leveled and they could not find the area they built it before. A king, named Oskani I, took power and remade huge walls, towering 150 feet above the city. He also built an army with 25,000 men, most Rutban deserters from the war. When Sarab invaded Urfa, Tikolia, and Vordalkien, the Urfan army was ready. When a Sarabi army met the Urfan army, the Urfans killed 16,000 out of 19,000, and lost only 1,000 out of 20,000. The war saw Urfa gain Armenia and Azerbaijan. Oskani I was proclaimed emperor of the Holy Urfan Empire at a ceremony. Out of a population of 203 thousand, 180,000 saw the Emperor give his speech at the Church of Urfa, and converted, with all in the nation of Urfa, to Christianity. Urfa, Vordalkien, and Egypt invaded Syria to gain power in the Middle East. Tikolia joined on Syria's side, and the Affanisid Caliphate joined on its own side. Urfa invaded through Azerbaijan and took northern Persia and eastern Syria at the peace deal. Urfa remained neutral for another 20 years, with Emperor Oskani dying of cancer. His son Abrahi I took power, and turned against his long-time ally Vordalkien. He said that Vordalkien was blocking Urfa's interest in the north. When Mamporia and Sacrania started a Cold War, Urfa joined Mamporia, while Vordalkien joined Sacrania. In WWI, Urfan Cavalry units of 1.000 each pushed towards Antioch and Trezibond, while two armies of 45,000 invaded from Kurdistan. This worked and Vordalkien's army died of starvation. Urfa annexed all of south-eastern Vordalkien.


In the Urfan Empire, most did not like peace because the Urfans Hated all other cultures. Emperor Abrahi however, wanted to keep his nation stable and expand peacefully. A military general, called Zanas, marched on Urfa with 30,000 men. He ousted Emperor Abrahi and proclaimed himself Emperor. He declared a crusade against all Middle Eastern nations. He declared war on Sinpan and marched into their territory with 50,000 men. The country fell in three months. Next with Tikolia. Emperor Zanas personally led 100,000 troops into Persia. The Tikolian army of 36,000 fought against an Urfan scout patrol of 5,000. The scout patrol blew up the ravine they marched into. The entire army was killed, and the scouts lost only 26 men. Urfa hated Tikolia so much, they killed every single Persian they could find, as Urfans from the capital Urfa moved into the conquered regions. After Tikolia fell, the Affanisid Caliphate was invaded. The Affanisids retreated to their teleporters in Yemen. Thus, Arabia was abandoned to the Urfan Empire. All this land meant a population of 58,400,000 and an army of 3,500,000.