June 13th 2013 - For the first time in my life I spotted a complete dork on a wiki. Frfkgbjnjkbfdfdgbngf, (The person associated with the attempted deletion of Pre-Youtube Era) a person who I though was friendly turned on me (And potentialy 99batran!) just 6 days after the new YouTube One design was forced on everyone.

By my understanding the person I'm talking about (which is frfkgbjnjkbfdfdgbngf) has no intellect at all (Although he is good at history FTW) and shouldn't deserve the Admins persmissions.

If you want a new admin choose me! I'm smarter than that lame-o dork. I wouldn't be too ashamed but I'm worried that the lame-o might be getting greedy and is trying to become the admin of TFOE Wiki and that would ultimately spell the end of the wiki as we know it! Choose me as admin and you'll see the difference!