Oh, and if you're reading this, you just wasted your own time. I hope that you're happy about that, because I might be... though I'm unsure... Ok, I'm just rambling here, so you can leave now. Unless you don't want to... right? Ha! Now I'm wasting even MORE of your time! Muhuhuhuhahahahaha!!!!!... That was fun... the evil laugh, I mean... not you. My god, if you're still here, then we need to talk. You are investing borrowed time from the Universe to read this insignificant little post that nobody is reading right now, I think, I don't know everything, for all I know, everybody in the world is simultaniously reading this, but that would crash the server... and anyone not reading could do what they want without a police force...  but they would be reading this because everyone else is as well... but does that mean I'M READING THIS?! Wow... I've never thought this hard before... I commend you, traveler, for enlightening me about things that are next to impossible of happening, unless I'm really lucky.. then in that case, I'll go and win the lottery! 27 times! And then the economy will go flop because I have so much money that the circulation of money would be disrupted, causing mass panic with everybody stealing TV's and burning Sony factories. All that while I'm relaxing in my pool thats built off the side of mount everest, but I can breathe because I have so much money that I hired a bunch of world famous scientists to terraform it to be warm and with 20% Oxygen... gotta love that 70% Nitrogen... but no Iron because Iron will make the Sun die some day. I don't want that to happen because then warm and sunny Mt. Everest will become the god forsaken hellhole it was before I came along with my Scientist Squad... like the name? I thought of it myself... well, mostly. I also got 200 name specialists with me to help me make that best name for my crew of badass scientists that will terraform any boring mountain into a lush oasis in a desert of clouds. How poetic, right? I also made that! And when I mean made, I mean that I contributed nothing, none, zero, null, zilch, nada. But you know what I did contribute to, this post! The one that you're still reading because you apparently had severe brain damage as a child, rendering you an incapitated vegetable sitting in a dark hospital room with terrible internet, laughing at the word "vegetable". See? You laughed, didn't you? Yes, I know you did. Why? Well, simple! Because you are still reading this, thus proving my point about laughing... "OBJECTION!!!!" You shout, I am shocked that you can speak, and not braindead after all. But then you wander away with a tape that repeats that over and over again... fun, you assume, a stange toy that repeats a weird pattern of sound. When you think about it, those who can't comprehend speech are all the smarter. So, you are Smart Dead, I guess.

tl;dr Get lost. 

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