Average core territories of Valgond.

This article concerns the nation as a whole. For Goldenrebel25's Empires, see First Valgondi Empire (Valgond) and Second Valgondi Empire (Valgond)

Valgond (Pronnounced Vælɢɒnd; Modern Valgondi: Velgínd, Traditional Valgondi: Vrelgynd) is an official nation that was originally created by Goldenrebel25, though the name was made by his friend Jackrabbit16 in the summer of 2013. Its main theme colors are red and blue though the original Valgondi emblem was purple, white, and green. Valgond's popularity peaked in the Summer and Fall of 2014.




The original Valgondi flag, also used for the First Valgondi Empire.


The future Goldenrebel25, Jackrabbit16 (not involved in this community), and TheOneLeggedFascist were in a Skype chat sometime in June or July of 2013, and they were talking about many things, but at one point the conversation drifted toward the new (at the time) iPhone 5's. When Jackrabbit was asked by Tolf if he would buy it when it came out, he said, "I think everyone will buy it, except for people who are like valugonds." He meant to say vagabonds, but he then said "My tongue messed up" as an excuse. Though it was a stupid thing that Jackrabbit said, Golden wrote it down and later changed it to "Valgond" thinking it would make a good country name. At the time, he made up random names for fictional nations he could try to create because in a couple months he would upload his first Mapping video. Thus, Valgond was born.


Goldenrebel's oldest video

Goldenrebel's oldest video

Golden's first video, including a prototype version of Valgond (The First Valgondi Empire)

In his very first video he uploaded (uploaded 3 October 2013), Golden made many nations, including Valgond, later known as The First Valgondi Empire. He said that Valgond was one of the first nations he put on the map in his first episode. 

But in his first episode, Valgond was removed as quickly as it was added. In the video, the plot includes a part where the leaders of Valgond become greedy and try to conquer new lands, and a coalition is formed against it, so it is conquered at the end of the episode.


Shortly before Goldenrebel25 joined the wikia community, he uploaded episode 7 of his Alternate History of Europe series, titled "Valgond's Revenge". It included a reboot of the "Valgondi idea" as he called it, and wanted it back since his channel was gaining popularity, and people were beginning to use Valgond and his other major nation, Vordalkien, in their own videos. It included an even more aggressive version of Valgond attacking many countries, and from then on it caused many wars. After three episodes, it, along with all the other nations, were nuked to extinction in The Fall.

Uses in various series

Note: If you have used Valgond or any form of it in a video, please put it here! These are listed by chronological order.
The Two Valgondi Empires

Goldenrebel25's two Valgonds.

By Goldenrebel25

Alternate History of Europe

The original First Valgondi Empire didn't exist for a very long time, but while it did exist, it was very aggressive. It attacked two small nations and annexed them while not knowing they had allies, so probably Valgond's king there was not strategic. It was revealed later that this country was actually a vassal of Galloth, and when it was abandoned by it, Valgond made crucial mistakes that led to its downfall.

Though not a vassal of Galloth, the original Second Valgondi Empire was much more strategic, yet still attempting to create a war with any countries wherever it could. This also led to its downfall, because, in a certain war, nukes were invented, and that caused a worldwide fallout (see The Fall for more information).

By Zephyrus Mapping

Future of Europe

Valgond was added to Zephyrus' second season of his Future of Europe's series, after it was renamed from Russia. The Valgond in this series wasn't as aggressive as itself in other series. It was taken over by The Russian Riech in episode 7. It didn't return.

By Mindria Mapping

Nations Wars

Mindria Mapping, then called SuperMind1337, added Valgond in his series on March 14, 2014, uniquely placing it in Finland, and then to expand into Russia. It eventually expands into Siberia, after conquering Ryazan. It's unknown how far they went east. The second video in the series was uploaded months later, and it included Valgond becoming more aggressive, which it wasn't in this series before. Vordalkien declares independence from it, yet later it is partially conquered along with Talin after it lost a lot of power. At the end though, many nations declare independence, including Galorok and Astonia. A third episode is yet to be uploaded.

By 99Batran

Alternate Series- The Future of Europe

On July 13, 2014, 99Batran added Valgond along with Vordalkien in Ukraine. Neither countries included their historical capitals, but that didn't matter very much since later that episode, all the countries in the series (that survived) evacuated to a mysterious planet only known as Gaia. (see New World Series  for more information)

By IXΩP Productions channel (Percy)

Mapping: The Movie

In the first act of the movie created by Percy and uploaded on Christmas Day of 2014, and it includes Valgond, who, along with Vordalkien, remembered The Fall in Goldenrebel25's series. Vordalkien and Valgond ended up in a war, where the Cassandrian Empire (Percy's nation) attacked Vordalkien, starting a truce. Valgond was later taken over by the Cassandrian Empire.

By Ender Mapping

Europe Reborn

Valgond appears at the end of the second episode. The series also includes many more of Goldenrebel25's series, such as The Melville Horde, Vordalkien, and the Sayid Caliphate.

By HappynHungry

Vordalkien was used in both series as well.

Alternate History of Europe

Valgond appeared as a small nation in episode 4. Valgond expanded with the collapse of the Bulgars later that episode. Valgond expanded slowly through many wars with Pyzantion, Zapadia-Bumalia, and Astonia. The Nation fell to communism in episode 11 and collapsed in WW2 in episode 12. New Valgond was established in episode 13 and is now a minor protagonist in ToN for HnH.

The nation Sarrion was created from Assarion in Golden's AHOE season 1.

Future of Europe Season 3/4

Valgond was born out of a falling Ryazan in episode 8. Valgond united the remaining Russian states to defend against Perrystoni. Valgond currently owns most of Western Russia.

By Perrydoesmapping

Valgond briefly appeared in his series.

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