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The Kingdom of Varcahi also called Tashkevar is a country in Ethan's AFOA, its wealth has an average income but a low crime level, it's currently ruled by a monarch named Kilva III.

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98,000 (4 ADM)

Remnants: 870,000 (2350)


Officially Varcahese (branch is somehow Tibetan)


Kilva V


Cajkal (CKL) 1 CKL = 2.35 USD


Absolute Monarchy?

Personality (leader)

Serious, clever, sometimes angry

Personality (AFOA)



Rise of Bhutan

Since the Indians declared war against Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan, its men are extremely terrible on those days. But now its army has created a new tactics to take over the East India, they named themselves Tashkevar.

Indonesian-Australian War

The people started to declare war against the Indus people, which the Australians support the Varcahi Empire, with result of winning the Papua island, they still support until the end. They gained the rest of Nepal. With the people been piled to death, the government seeks to expend to Tibet on the United Provinces of China. The UPC is filled with provinces united by the Zhou Emperor, which then unites Tibet by declaring war.

With uniting their people, the monarch, Kilva III established official capital after the Indonesian-Australian war, it was Diair (near Thimphu), the population was consisted of 50,000 people. They made the solution after the East Indian and Bhutan provinces were rivaling which capital should they use, the leader decided to make up the solution, he decided that they should found a new city, with the slaves bringing construction to the top, the monarch moved his family to there, including their bodyguards that have variously consist of gunpowder-bullet hybrids and swords for melee.

Space Exploration



The Varcahi government set up a space program in 2180, in make sure to keep up the space projects. The project is about Alpha Centauri Ac. Discovered by the Astonian astronomers when observing the stars, it seemed that it's habitable so the Varcahi wants to set up a spaceship named SS Kilva, named after the Monarch, with the slaves bringing the work, the monarch brings a hundred rich people to settle Alpha Centauri Ac.

With failure of the SS Kilca in approaching to the Oort Clod, the SS Kilca has ran out of fuel because of lacking on unmanned launch, and all people onboard are gone. Investigations from the European Federation are searching for remnants of SS Kilca.

They allied Ceylon and Australia in a meeting on Thazi.

The law now gives slaves a new rule, labour is increased from 5 hours to 7 hours, lacking of freedom and sleep, the masters can now make laws to their slaves. See the laws at the bottom.

New World

Most of the Varcahese refugees migrate to the new world, which the trans-dimensional portal is located in Bangkok, Siam. The Siamese government legalises Asians and Europeans that are anti-European Federation to come, the Varcahi monarch commanded his people to make the tents. His heir Kilva VI is educated on new world science and all of this.

Survival began, the scouts of Thazi founds out there are natives which alarmed the emperor.

Laws and Government


The laws on heir must be the oldest, even the youngest, they can't become the monarch, so if the heir dies, the younger pretender becomes the heir once the king dies. The royal marriage is usually a person from Varcahi, which they can't marry within the family. Here, if the monarch dies without a son, they have to find any of their relatives or if they died, the pretenders have revolt and claim for themselves, once they finished, they take the throne and also build a new palace.

The heir can have property like the king, but the royal family is the main control of the whole country itself, no constitution is needed. The king can enact laws through the people's demand, but pressuring him can be disgraceful which they have a punishment. That law can be appealed when someone in the land demands to be removed.


Those punishments are so harsh, that even you have to escape when the monarch is talking can be fatal to the slave. Slaves have no right to have freedom and wealthy have rights to have freedom, the wealthy may not suffer punishments as to the poor residents and slaves.


Slavery is abolished a long time ago, but now since the Varcahi monarch, Kalis I has decided to play slavery again, most of the poor people are frustrated as wealthy have a higher opinion on the Monarch himself. The role looks more similar to the Ancient Rome.

Slavery is common, around 60% of the population are slaves and poor citizens. Most of them are used on domestic, labour or the monarch's cleaning and all of that. The wealthy pays a little money to the slave, he can save up money to stop being a slave unless the Monarch agrees to the person's deal.


Religion is mainly between Hinduism and Buddhism, most of the temples in the south are Hindu while the east is mainly Buddhist, the monarch himself is actually religious-like. But between 2300, there is an event called the Great Religion Separationism, which causes Varcahi to worship a new god, with the leading religion title is "Taucalah".


Most of the currency are almost extinct but this one is more valuable than others, well it uses 0.01 unlike the ones in East Asia which they used 1 as 1 cent. Most of the coins are minted by the remains of Bhutan's mints which evantually shuts down the old currency and replaced by another.


The coins are ranged from small to big, 10, 20, 50, 75, 1.00, 2.00 and 5.00. The small ones are 10, 20 and 50 while the big ones are 1.00 and 2.00. The average size is 75 and 5.00. Most of them are made of silver and copper, at the heads there is a monarch or something. The tails are depended on your region, there are three areas, the North, the South and the East, the north uses some Tibetan stuff, South, Indian and the east is Burmese.


Notes are ranged from 


Slave (Domestic)

Slaves are owned by wealthy people who doesn't care on stuff they want. The average family owns one slave. The richest person owns 120, which is the monarch himself. A slave has lot of jobs to do in the house.

Their labour is to cook for the people and himself with a small amount, which means they are supposed to be doing that work. Gardening, they do this because it's important for the wealthy to be healthy, the slave can't eat what they harvest until they prepare the dish, they have to pick the weeds up for no reason, after 2180, they stopped doing this, because the heating process from pollution makes the weeds die easily.

Another one is repairing, the slaves have to repair the stuff it malfunctioned.

The women have to clean the clothes of their masters, it was stopped around 2145, because nano-clothes have been invented for wealthy. They also have to clean the house by themselves.

Slave (Palace)

The slaves have to clean as well, most of the palace slaves were male. They have to do all work and the monarch stays lazy and wants to order his slaves to do that work and another, just like servants but without salary for their own work. The slaves have to work on the garden very nice on the garden.

The slaves must never deceive the monarch or otherwise the slave who deceive him is punished to prison and sentenced.


Most prisons in Varcahi is small, so they carry 10 in every prison, including the two storey prison, twenty. The life in prison is harsh, the prisoner gets 1/3 of their food, the beginning is cereal in breakfast.

Rice stew with some paprika extract and dirt at lunch. Dirt may be used for severe punishment prisoners, making the taste disgusting, sometimes they have a wing to eat, severe ones may have mud soup with chopped celery and parsley.

In dinner, there may be oats and rice mixed together and curry that has dirt flavour, crushed with salt and basil together. And sometimes they have some cheese that has never eaten at eight months, which is not best to eat.

In prison, they have only very basic things, the toilet, bed made of metal which makes it uncomfortable and a drinking bowl for prisoners to drink water, the water tastes a bit dirty, likely because the water is not filtered and not part of the wealthy.


The Monarch has free rights to do himself and considered to be the first. The pyramid of the groups start at the bottom, slaves and poor citizens, the second is soldiers, crafters and musicians, third is the wealthy and the fourth is his family and the fifth is himself.

He can make demands and has lot of wives if he wants to. His children is at around 30, which slaves need to take care of them. The monarch will do freely, he can travel to countries unlike poor people and slaves of Varcahi.