Republic of Vintome


Vintome in dark green
Allies in light green
Everyone else in gray
Capital Stockholm
Languages Swedish, Danish
Government Semi-Democratic Republic
Historical era Future
Currency Vintomian frauk

Vintome is a nation in The Alternate Future of Europe (MOaP). Their first appearance was in Episode Five. They are one of the most powerful in the series, with the best economy, followed by Yevorana, an ally, and Ingentium, a rival. While they are a Republic, it's hardly ideal, for the corruption rated are at an alarming 75%.

Vintome is famous for banning the Swede revolving RPG, as it is a reminder of the bloody war with Sweden. For the same reason, they also banned Any Flags of Sweden, and purged all Swedish descendants, which killed almost 40 million, and is one of the worst atrocities in history.


Vintome was founded after a rebellion in reaction to Sweden's warmongering. They eventually conquered most of Sweden, renamed Finland.


Vintome's flag

They went on to conquer their neighbours and unify Scandinavia, and later joined the Quator Imperiis with The Sahar Empire, Rennes, and the newly-founded Yevorana.

They are currently observing the conflict between the Talin Alliance and those they're invading, especially the Ingent-Brabant Alliance.

Power and Culture

As stated above, the Vintomian government are an oppressive bunch, and many flee from the borders. They used to go to Oslo, but Vintome took that. Ingentium now has a high number of Swedish and Vintomian refugees. A surge of Nationalism in the late 2300's, paired with the  iron-fisted Government, is turning Vintome into a Fascist State.



Vintome was a cultural Powerhouse in its early days, sparking the Second Renaissance, but that ended with the Banning of Art schools and museums.