Visignia was a nation in Denmark and controlled the areas that are now Norway, Skåne (Scania), North-West Germany, Gotland, Åland, Iceland, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Greenland.


Visignia was formed by few thousand people living in Norway and from the natives from Labrador around 1447, in the old region of Denmark. As the norwegian colonists came to the New World (present day Labrador, Canada) and found natives living there. Although the natives numbered in only a few hundred, they attacked the Norwegian settlement, took most of them as slaves, took their ships and sailed with the help of the Norwegians who were taken as slaves.

First Contact with European resistance

Visignian natives first arrived to Southern Greenland which was mostly occupied by military personnel and had around 300 people in the region. Visignian took control of the region and were able to mount a surprise attack against norwegian forces there, defeating them in one attack. Taking more captives as slaves, Visignians sent some ships back to the New World who would then follow their brethrens. The ones who went forward, arrived in Iceland, taking half of the region as the Norwegians were unable to organize a real counter-attack. Thus the Visignians were able to move to southern Norway and Denmark. Finding it impossible to take on Norway in a real war, Visignians decided to burn the colony in Canada down and move all their forces to Denmark and southern Norway.

Allies and enemies

Visignia lies between three regions: Germany, Norway and Sweden which makes it a very hostile area to habit, having the possibility of invasion all time high. Thus Visignia has been known to ally themselves with nations in Poland, England or Finland as these regions are best used against their enemies.


Visignia has claimed most of the Nordic countries to be it's "rightful realm" but mostly fights over Skåne, Norway, Denmark and northern Germany.


The information about Visignia is still being processed but from the historical facts that have been able to uncover, Visignia was a medieval monarchy just like many other European nations at the time. The king held full power and there was no democratic ways in the nation, although the king did favor the peasantry more than the clergy or the royalists.


From the current information that has been revealed from excavations, Visignia was a militaristic nation, having all able-bodied men in the army who had been trained in their native terrains and the training took around a year or two to complete.

Anthem (Translated into english)

(The music for the anthem is Fairy Tail Main Theme OST, starting from 2:29)





Visignia, the land forgotten,

May you rise once more,

After every defeat.

This land barren,

Home so sweet,

Nation so dear,

We shall fight for you,

Till the last breath.

Danes and Nords,

Scots and Germans,

Together in unity,

The will of iron,

The blood of phoenix itself.

Now rise once more,

To hear our voices!

For Visignia is the land,

Which we choose to fight for!

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