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Hello, I'm from Vtrn44. I'm a mapper from Normandy in France (I'm not gay).

I am mostly neutral with all of this fighting, you could say that I'm Switzerland. However, I have a neutral domain on my own, a little safe haven from war.

I have only one mapping video out at the moment. Here is my youtube channel:

I am a fan of Goldenrebel25, he is my inspiration.



He is my inspiration in mapping, and he seems like a nice guy.

Relations: 50


He founded the wikia, has a lot of power. Also a good mapper.

Relations: 20


Says that I'm gay when I'm not, uses stereotypes

Relations: -10


Another great mapper, haven't talked with him yet.

Relations: 10

Future of Europe Episode 1- A New Chapter01:36

Future of Europe Episode 1- A New Chapter

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