Vtrn44 is a French mapper from Normandy who began mapping on 21 June 2014. He is neutral on many matters in TheFutureOfEuropes Wiki. He was inspired to start mapping by his inspiration Goldenrebel25

To date, he has only released one mapping video, which can be viewed in the video below.

Future of Europe Episode 1- A New Chapter01:36

Future of Europe Episode 1- A New Chapter



99Batran is the founder of the Wikia and is a good mapper.

Relations: 20


Due to his use of stereotypes and calling gay, Vtrn44 has a distaste for Drexmapper.

Relations: -10


Goldenrebel25, as mentioned previously, is Vtrn44's idol and a nice person.

Relations: 50


MrOwnerandPwner is a great mapper, but he and Vtrn44 have not talked before.

Relations: 10

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