This is now an Inactive Map Game.


Welcome to the map game. You can start as a nation AND GROW! 


Owner (RevanMapper) - Germany (Vassals: France), Soviet Union

Owner (Lisastr67) - Italy-Spain (Vassals: )

(Moderator) MikiPL004 - Japan (Vassals: Manchukuo, Mengkukuo), Saudi Arabia (Vassals: )

(Moderator) Philipp Mapping - UK (Vassals: ), USA (Vassals: )

(Player) Ingo Mapping - Lithuania (Vassals: ), Mexico (Vassals: )


Don't take too much land in one turn!

Don't swear!

Pacts are allowed!

You can play 1 or 2 nations!

After the 5th turn you can unite your nations!

People who would add maps not in their turn would have to remove them or be skipped!


RevanMapper (Soviet Union & Germany)

Lisastr67 (Italy-Spain)

Philipp Mapping (UK & USA)

MikiPL004 (Japan)


<RevanMapper> => <Lisastr67> => (Philipp Mapping) => MikiPL004 => Ingo Mapping.

(____) = Currently holds the turn.

[____] = Skipped a turn once.

{____} = Skipped a turn more than once.

<____> = Player is not currently playing, everyone skips this player.

If player do not make their turn in 24 hours, he's automatically skipped and marked in the queue.

If you add map while it's not your turn, you have to remove it or you'll be skipped.

Timeline (we begin at 1930)