War for England is a fictional war fought in 1137 between Eastern Coalition/Orthodox Alliance (which consisted of Teutonic Order of Balkania, Ireland, Denmark, Scythia and Greece) and Austria-Hungary. The goal of the war was for Teutonic Order to gain foothold on the main English Island by liberating England and turning her into a vassal.

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The War


AH ruled England and had lands between Prussia, Brandenburg and Holland (picture after the war)

In the beginning of 1137, the Austro-Hungarian monarchy came under attack of Orthodox Alliance, led by Teutonic Order. Teutonic Order claimed to be setting England free from the tyranny and oppression of the sultanate of Austria-Hungary after they had inherited the English lands year before.


The lines of defense and offense in Mainland Europe

The Eastern Coalition launched their attacks through Transylvania, North Silesia, East Slovakia and Poland as Austro-Hungarian forces were scattered around the empire due to the rebellions everywhere. The largest concentration of forces were in Bohemia which wasn't exactly the ideal place to have their armies according to the Austrian generals. Bohemia, Hungary, West Slovakia and South Silesia were instantly attacked and occupied as the Teutons advanced deeper within Austria-Hungary.


Position of Teuton fleet and advances in AH.

Teutons also launched a naval offensive in England and landed forces into Celtic England, securing the shores for the Irish forces backing Teutonic knights. The war was over before Austria-Hungary was able to do anything and their last line of defense was within Germania, the non-militarized area of East Rhine. Soon the Prussian knights of Teutonia swept the area clean of enemy forces and occupied the area. Austria-Hungary was forced to accept a humiliating defeat, losing all of England and East Rhine and breaking treaties and alliances.

England was forced to convert into Orthodox religion to gain independency from Teutonic Order. England was also forced to work under Teutonia, making it more or less a vassal just like Ireland and Denmark. All conflicts ended with the Treaty of Knights.


Order of Teutonia and it's Sphere of Influence within Teutonic Order.

Treaty of Knights

- Teutonic Order, England, Ireland and Denmark establish a joint order of knights, led by Teutonia.

- Teutonia shall be allowed to commence actions of war within all nations of treaty if necessary.

- All nations of treaty must pay Teutonia taxes.

- All nations of treaty house their representatives of Teutonia.

- Austria-Hungary will recognize England's independency and Teutonia's rule over England.

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