War for The Egyptian Middle East late phase

War in 1855

(This is a war in Victoria 2)

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The War for the Egyptian Middle eastern territories, also known as the War for Lebanon and the Italo-Ottoman war was a conflict between the Ottoman Empire on one side, and the Kingdoms of Italy and Egypt on the other. The war started when the Ottoman Empire demanded the provinces of Lebanon and Jordan (claimed for some time by the Ottomans) from Egypt. Egypt refused, and two days later the Ottoman armies crossed the border. Turkish troops annihilated the minimal Egyptian troops that held the border, and started occupying the Egyptian Middle East, as well as sending troops through Ottoman Libya into northwestern Egypt.

Italian intervention

The newly formed Kingdom of Italy had been trying to add Egypt into their sphere of influence for quite a while. Since they already had arguments with the Ottomans in the struggle for Greece, they were not shy to try to cut down Ottoman expansion and decleared war in Egypt's side. First they landed troops in northwest Egypt, annihilating a small Ottoman invasion force, and then moved into Palestine to encounter the main Ottoman invasion force.

Due to the Ottomans' superiority in numbers, the first wave of troops was pushed back from Palestine. Seeing that, the Italian high command sent another wave of troops in the besieged Gaza. The Superior troops overrun the besiegers and put an end to the siege of Gaza, moving in to Beer-Seba. Meanwhile, the Egyptians had been sending small parties to harass the Ottoman supply lines. The Ottomans encountered a party of 3000 in Bosra, attacking them with 18,000 troops. The Italian second expeditionary force (20,000 troops) moved into Bosra to help the Egyptians, but not before the second Ottoman invasion force with another 18,000 troops arrived. Seeing the battle is hopeless, the Italians retreated their remaining 10,000 troops to Cairo to prepare for a second offensive.

With the Third Italian expeditionary force arriving at Gaza, the Ottoman found themselves outnumbered, with armies of worse quality. The TIE annihilating the Ottoman armies, the Tunis corps attacking Tripoli and the Second and first EF reformed, the Ottomans were close to surrendering. the second and third liberated Lebanon, while the reformed Egyptian army freed Jordan.

The Invasion of Greece

Almost immediately after the first expedition in Egypt, two armies with 18,000 troops each attacked Epirus in a naval invasion. The Ottomans retaliated by sending an army of 25,000 to destroy the troops in Argyrokastro, with only four out of the 18 thousand escaping to join the second army. realizing the Greek corps need help, High Command sent veterans from the First Italo-Austrian war into Greece to help the Greek armies, shattering the Ottoman 20,000-army. The Italian troops occupied Thessaly, Albania and Macedonia shortly after.


After the fall of Syria and Macedonia, the Ottomans sued for peace. They would admit defeat and agreed to not attack Egypt for another 40 years.


The defeat cost the Ottomans much of their army and prestige, and lost almost all of their influence. It also marked the beginning of Italian Dominance in the Middle East.

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