ArceusFan2013 (NOT Arcy!) is the best mapper ever. No doubt. He started mapping on July 28th, 1914 and has inspired Mervuemeringue and every other mapper. He was born in Ohio in 1996 by the name of Raymond Francis Allen to...

2 hours later...

And then he was banned unfairly from the wiki by 99Batran against his will because he secretly loved me and sleeps in my bad every night. And that is my life story. Oh, right, the alternate history...

Without ArceusFan2013, there would be no world left due to nuclear holocaust due to lack of saviour of the human race (Me!) Guiyii2 (DEFINITELY someone else!) would survive and rebuild the human race. He would go on to call himself NotArceusFan2014, Ruler of Mappertopia.

With Arceusfan2013, I release good maps for all mappers!

Everyone believes me at all, I am the best so I can do whatever I want to!

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