EthanConquistador is a Mapper who had changed the Wikia by declaring wars against ArceusFan2013 who was also contributing to some of the Wikia. This is a list of predicted and scheduled events if EthanConquistador never joined the Wikia or ever did Mapping.

Alternate History


EthanConquistador creates a YouTube channel and uploads videos regularly, with one coming in around 5-10 days. Though history for him stayed the same until July, where he doesn't know how to map but regularly watches mapping videos. EthanConquistador would then gradually stop making the "World Map" series but doesn't know what to do afterwards.


EthanConquistador has contributed lots of things such as Timeline of Mapperdonia and caused wiki wars. Without him, the wiki would be less active and ArceusFan2013 may be more comfortable without him, but some mappers even without EthanConquistador would still dislike him and think he isn't a mapper.

There might be wiki wars later but they won't be named as 'wiki wars' since EthanConquistador coined the term. EthanConquistador would also close his channel since he isn't successful and hate is going around for his immaturity. The Second Super War Peace Accords might've never existed, thus not forming the UPMU, which also have the factions never existed in 2013.


ArceusFan2013 might've not been blocked and Operation Phoenix might exist or might never existed at all, but since Zephyrus Mapping and MrOwnerandPwner(?) along with EthanConquistador talked through Steam on Operation Phoenix, the plan would be only be planned between them if it ever exists. The AAA would never existed as well or at least for other mappers, the GMA would still exist, so the faction era would start around 2014, and the faction abolition may end at the same date or maybe by the end of the year. MUC will have never existed since EthanConquistador created it.

Trio Mapping (Ecpatter) is blocked but without EthanConquistador, his alternate accounts may appear for a long duration until he stops. Also, the comment from EthanConquistador on his video may not exist at all and Trio Mapping would occasionally find the Wikia and created an account here, the alternate accounts may exist but no-one noticed he is on the wiki, but some would finally find it even without him.


By July 2015, alt raids are probably common, even Trio Mapping could continue through 2015, but with people disliking him, he would stop by that time. Knight607 would still raid the wiki by using alternate accounts, but may not be the largest alternate account spammer if FerdinandDoesMapping or Trio Mapping continued to create alternate accounts. But for now, 2015 will have to wait.