This alternate history is one of the more fascinating speculations around in the Alternate History of the Mapping community. It is also one of the turning points in Mapperdonia's history. The beginning of this turning point is when Multi Mappers declared war on Arcy. Soon after, plenty more mappers ganged up on Arcy and vandalized his things. Arcy, desperately fought back, but his ways of retaliation were (not an opinion) retarded. Ranging from using fictional cartoon characters to empty threats. 99batran meanwhile, was disputed between joining the so called "Allies" of the mapping community against Arcy or try to defend Arcy from unreasonable aggression. After a while 99batran tried to convince Arcy (with help from other mappers) to surrender to not harm himself any further. However, the others were impatient and created "Operation: Phoenix" which was revealed to be an Ultimatum demanding Arcy to be banned or they will leave and create a new Mapping Wikia. 99batran's decision could change the course of the mapping community.

REAL Outcome

99batran felt backstabbed and heartbroken. He finally surrendered his arms (even though he is neutral in the war) and gave in to the Ultimatum. The TFOE Wikia had celebrated their victory (except for 99batran who was "sitting in the corner"). However, their mistake was that the pursuit of total peace and friendship could result in not remembering why they had peace in the first place (reference to the Tension Era). Arcy was banned but not before threatening to "kill" himself.

Alternate Outcome

99batran felt he should do the "right thing" and outrageously declined the Ultimatum and sent shock waves throughout the community. Most of the TFOE Wikians during that time had fled to the Mapping Wikia, initiating a Cold War with both Wikias. Obviously Competition had consumed the mapping community, ranging from recruiting other mappers to their cause or just upgrading their mapping series to become one of the most professional. Existing factions at the time would eventually unite into 2 large factions, The TFOE Wikians and the Mapping Wikians. This cold war could last for years, but eventually one side would win. But it is unknown who would win.

New Mappers who would enter the community would be chosen with a choice to enter the TFOE Wikia or the Mapping Wikia, and they often felt confused. When Pezminer12 enters the Wikia, he chooses to enter the Mapping Wikia, but after gaining maturity in early 2015, he tries to unite the two Wikia's after realizing what happened in the pass. He states that "It's a Wikia, this isn't supposed to happen" and "You guys are crazy, thinking this was a good impression to make of yourselves". If Batran wanted to keep the cold war going, then Pezminer12 would quit. Batran thinks that it is still unnecessary for a new person that wasn't even there when Operation: Phoenix happened, and decides to decline his needs. Pezminer12 quits, throwing many insults at Batran before leaving.

But in the end, the Mappers had learned that competition with or without war is a good thing. And Competition had replaced the majority of Wars in the mapping community. Because they realized that what Pezminer12 was doing what actually right all along, the Community is eventually united for a time.


After Operation: Phoenix happened in the real outcome, the Mapping Community does what they did in the past; make factions, ban factions, fight Trio, and etc. However, 8 months after Ferdinand started spamming alternate accounts, Mappers think of making Operation: Phoenix 2, where they would create a new Wikia, and go there, due to the poor moderation that the Wikia had.

Mind1337 mapping makes a Blog post saying that he will administer Operation: Phoenix 2, along with Pezminer12, Ironhand21, and Goombasaurusrex. He states that because FerdinandDoesMapping spammed alternate accounts, and is the main sockpuppeteer that the Wikia fell to, they will flee to a new Wikia with new administration and better rules. Batran99 sees the Blog post, and makes a debate on how Operation: Phoenix 2 is a bad idea.

On the second day, more alts come in and start vandalizing pages, moving them to specific namespaces, and etc. As a strike, Mind1337 mapping does not block the alternate accounts, and they start Operation: Phoenix 2. Pezminer12 creates the Wikia that Operation: Phoenix 2 is planning to move into on the basis that a Wikia will be created for the plan. Mind1337 mapping, Pezminer12, Ironhand21, Goombasaurusrex, Thelolistan, Graznorteas 'The G', EthanKoenigsberg, SunnyKhan688, CroMapper, Peter Mapping, Percy (IhorPrTV), Olimario948, Flaming Spaghetti Monster, and Lisastr67 join it on the second day. Batran99 comes to the Chat there, telling them to stop this and if they come back, Pezminer12 will be given administrator controls. Pezminer12 declines this request, stating the following: "Sorry Brandon, we've moved on from your Wikia. Alts have taken over that space, and you are setting a bad example of not contacting the Wikia Staff and letting them take care of this. We are leaving, but we have already left. Goodbye Brandon, see you, err never?" Pezminer12 kicks him from Chat after this, sending a shockwave through the community in the TFOE Wikia. Batran99 demotes Pezminer12 from Chat moderator status in the TFOE Wikia.

On Day Three, all is fine in the new Wikia. Fedex Mapper, CroMapper, Asdf Mapping, EmprorCheesecakes, and all the other major Users migrate to the new Wikia. Batran99 logs on to see that the TFOE Wikia is abandoned. EthanKoenigsberg returns to TFOE wiki, only roaming with only around 200 pages thanks to the Alternate Accounts destroying the wiki, and gradually left it at stake. Batran99 would also have less active users after the event where all of the pages were vandalized and being moved by Alternate Accounts.