Pezminer12 (MappingPez) is a famous Mapper on the Wikia, but not so much in Mapping. He founded FoEmotes, the first emoticons on the Wikia, and made Future of Strips, the first comic strip on the Wikia. He has entertained the Wikia with all his fun stuff, and he edits often. This has made him #1 on the Mapperdonian Leaderboard. He loves to map, but not so much when he accidentally flattens and can't revert it, or closes his Paint.NET while layers are on.


If Pezminer12 (MappingPez) didn't exist, or never came to interest in Mapping, he would've never discovered the Wikia. Mappers would be less entertained, and bored on the Wikia. Future of Strips would never be created, and Ender Mapping would make the first comic, if he wasn't inspired by Future of Strips. FoEmotes would never have been created as well, since Pezminer12 made them. Also, the Wikia and Mapping community would have one less person. There would be less Chat Moderators in Early 2015, so elections would happen for new Chat Moderators, since Inf4mous and Zukas would be inactive. Mapmaker023 would have maybe become lonely sometime.