MrOwnerandPwner (shortly known as MOAP or M0aP) is a mapper that has been a very important part of the mapper community, becoming the second admin and one of the most liked person in the TFOE Wiki. He also created Mapping Wiki, showing leadership to lead the mappers if necessary.


Since MOAP never started mapping, the TFOE Wiki would be basically the same as before Arcy's ban with bit less people in the wiki. Fights happen occasionally (around one Wikia War per two weeks) and there are almost no tries to stop Wikia Wars except for Goldenrebel25 who is most likely the most or second most liked person in the wiki during these times. No other wikias are made since nobody opposes the rule of TFOE wikia nor the decisions that 99batran makes except Ethan. There are either only one admin, Batran; or two admins, Batran and Golden. The wikia is less known since it's slightly smaller and Goldenrebel25 himself is more or less interested about the wiki affairs since not many people visit the wiki. SunnyKhan688 would never come to do wiki since he was interested in mapping because of MOAP but he is still a mapper on youtube but just never came to the wiki.