Goldenrebel25 (shortly known as GR, GR25 or Golden) is a very well known mapper who is also the third admin of the TFOE Wikia. He has formed an alliance in the wiki, known as GMA, and has led his alliance to battle against Arcy and many other vandalisers. He is most likely the third most liked person in the wiki.


Since Golden never started mapping, there would be no GMA and less mappers in the community. There would either be a lot more factions or there would be only one faction, UPMU. Multi Mappers and Disturbedfan1100 would've most likely become more or less active in the wiki since Golden wouldn't be in the wiki to keep them there. He also would have not led half of the wikia to leave in Spring 2014, so there might be more people in the wikia. Operation Bengal might have been sucessful too. EPP would either never become a mapper, or would never be born. Peadar would also never be a mapper, he would create a youtube channel based on Music Videos. TOLF would become a mapper anyway but slightly earlier, but he would be less active.

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