People though that Wikia wars could make the mapping community a lot more peaceful and tolerant. However in truth, 99batran was on the verge of abandoning the wikia due to its noninterest and inactivity. As you can see that he only goes to the wikia at least once a month or Week. Later, Ethan came in and settled in the wikia. It is unknown why he wanted power but maybe it is just for fun.

REAL Outcome

Ethan decided to declare war on 99batran to have ownership of the wikia, since the wikia at the time was the most powerful place in the mapping community. This had brought interest to other mappers at the time and they joined the wikia, including 99batran who had tried to avoid the war (he was different back then), Eventually Ethan gave up and surrendered. But this would set the stage for future wikia wars. If you ask, yes Arcy had fought and won against Ethan, earning respect from 99batran and it is possible that Arcy had become a guard of the TFOE Wikia back then before his Ego had consumed him.

The Alternate Outcome

We all know what would happen if there would be no wikia wars up there. 99batran and a couple other mappers would abandon the wikia. Without management the wikia would slowly rot away, but it is possible that the mappers on the wikia built an independent community without 99batran's help and organization. Sure there will be flame wars here and there, but this is "what if there were no wikia wars?" even though it is inevitable there will be.