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Many people keep creating their pages in their user profiles, so this page is made to match like other mappers.


I: Wiki Wars

If someone declares a war, it's gonna be a mix of flaming and spamming to create a spamming account. If someone does that, they'll decrease your relations, peace is response.

Violating these rules by:

  • Threatening mappers
  • Shouting at mappers
  • Many others...

Anyone who makes peace (or if the enemy surrenders) they'll restore their own prestige (YouTube users only) they can't restore relations back to normal but with reduced relation in this.

As of September 2013, the status is:

  • Ethan: Three
  • ArceusFan and Zukas: One

The user with the most is: Ethan. This updates every month if any war is created.

II: Vandalising

Only Homepage and Brabrantium is protected, the vandalism could be everywhere on unprotected pages- unless 99batran protects every page, and then normal users couldn't edit...

Vandalism has a very low chance, as we are not a very popular Wiki!

III: Don't create a Profile Page

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