Here are the Wikia rules made by Administrators. Members and guests should still follow the Terms of Use. Please note that the administrators can modify these rules at any time without further notice for any reason. If you are confused after reading the rules, or need a simpler way of explanation, please read the Mapperdonian Handbook.

1. You cannot sockpuppet alternate accounts, unless your account has been disabled by a Reaping.

2. Wars are banned in the Wikia (Declaring War = Ban for 6 Months) Wikia Wars are banned in the Wikia, and doing so leads a block for 6 months. For information about a Wikia War, see this page.

3. Factions are also banned in the Wikia  (Faction= Ban for 8 Months) Factions are banned in the Wikia, and making a faction with knowing the rule leads a block for 8 months.

4. Over 5 Map games at the same time in TFoE wiki are not allowed. If you don't delete an extra map game that you've made after an admin tells you to, you are banned for 2 weeks. There can only be 5 active Map Games on the Wikia. If you have made another active Map Game, and if an administrator has told you to take it down, but you haven't, (5 Map games = Ban for 2 weeks)

5. No advertising Spam wikis, Clone Wikis (A wiki with similar purpose on a subject to another wiki), or Wikias that are meant to demoralize other wikias. Ex: OMG THIS WIKI IS FALLING APART GO TO THIS WIKI RIGHT HERE: [Name of Wiki]. THIS WIKI SUX. Actually they all should be called Spam wikis anyways. This including linking other wikias without a good reason

6. Jumpscares count as Spam, A joke is not an excuse to break the rules. Some situations are exceptional.

7. Don't speak in another language besides in private areas, simple words like "Ja", "Nein", or "Si" is acceptable

8. No vandalizing pages (as said in the Terms of Use), especially any pages of those who were previously banned.

9. Blog posts that are about leaving the Wikia is not allowed. For more information as to why this rule exists, please see the official blog posted by the founder.