Workers' Front
Abbreviation WFR
Chaired by Adsız3 Xander Bourbon
Founded January 1st, 2018
Ideology Socialism
Democratic Socialism
Soft Consceptism
Political position Left wing
Far left (minority)
Colours Maroon
CON Parliament
19 / 320
CON Workers' Front (WFR) is a left-wing political party in the CON Parliament, established in 2017. The group comprises political parties of socialist and communist orientation. It won 19 seats in the 2018 parliamentary elections, becoming the 8th largest party.


According to its 2017 constituent declaration, the party is opposed to the present CON political structure, but committed to integration. That declaration sets out three aims for the construction of another CON: the total change of institutions to make them "fully democratic"; breaking with "neo-liberal monetarist policies"; and a policy of co-development and equitable cooperation. The party also disagrees with CON's globalism and rejects CON federalism as well as a CON central currency as it believe all member states should keep the own independence and the right to decide what's right for themselves.

Member Parties

Country National Party MCP's
Tavakareluu flag Tävakareluu Tjuväa Püulo
0 / 20
AlternianFlag Alternia WULogo Workers' United
1 / 20
Flag of the United Great Lakes United Great Lakes Party of the Workers Logo Party of the Workers
0 / 20
New flag for Arkmarken Arkmarken Työntekijöiden Liitto Työntekijöiden Liitto
0 / 20
Aztlan Flag Aztlan Partido Comunista
0 / 20
Partido Socialista Unido

Presidents of UDP

Number Image President Mandate Nation Other charges
1 Wfrleader Xander Bourbon January 1st, 2018 - present Adsız3Franglettere
  • MCP for Franglettere (2018-present)