This is an Inactive Map Game.

World Mapper Game


  1. You may NOT edit the map. Only The Phoenix Mapper can do that

How to play

You may choose only 1 Slot. then you can train troops to expand further out.

How to war

You can declare war on anybody you want, but it takes 1 turn. each slot you have has at least 1 troop which can defend that slot. if your opponent has more troops than that slot they win.

Troop Training

You can train a max of 3 infantry per turn. 1 tank per turn. 2 planes per turn and 1 battle ship per turn. however you can not train all of them in one turn. there are limits such as....

  1. 2 Infantry and 1 tank
  2. 2 Infantry and 2 planes
  3. 1 Infantry and 1 battleship
  4. 1 battleship and 1 tank
  5. 1 battleship and 2 planes
  6. 1 tank and 2 planes

How to kill someone

You must get their starting country


The Phoenix Mapper (South Wisconsin)



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