This is now an Inactive Map Game.

World Mapper Game


  1. You may NOT edit the map. Only The Phoenix Mapper can do that

How to play

You may choose only 1 Slot. then you can train troops to expand further out.

How to war

You can declare war on anybody you want, but it takes 1 turn. each slot you have has at least 1 troop which can defend that slot. if your opponent has more troops than that slot they win.

Troop Training

You can train a max of 3 infantry per turn. 1 tank per turn. 2 planes per turn and 1 battle ship per turn. however you can not train all of them in one turn. there are limits such as....

  1. 2 Infantry and 1 tank
  2. 2 Infantry and 2 planes
  3. 1 Infantry and 1 battleship
  4. 1 battleship and 1 tank
  5. 1 battleship and 2 planes
  6. 1 tank and 2 planes

How to kill someone

You must get their starting country


The Phoenix Mapper (South Wisconsin)



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