Republic of Yamnu
Life span?
Yamny.png Yamnu coat of arms.png
Flag Coat of arms
Yurtta Sulh,Cihanda Sulh
İstiklal Marşı
Yamnu Official Map.png
Yamnu's maximum extent
Capital Karadeniz Ereğli
Languages Turkish (Official),Kurdish(regional),Kazakh(official),Uzbek(Official)
Demonym Yamnuan
Religion Majority is Muslim although there is no official religion.
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Prime Minister
 -  President Umut Öztürk (CHP)
 - Prime Minister Zehra Savaş (independent)
Legislature Grand National Assembly
 - Republic 20 February 2021
Currency Yamnuan Lira (YL)
Calling code +90
Internet TLD .ym

Yamnu ,in his official name the united turkish republic of Yamnu is a country with population of 150.000.000 people,1.500.000 army and 10000000 holy sh*t bombs.Alliance with Poland-,Austria-Hungary and Vordalkien.Ignore the info box the founding date is 20 February 2043 

  1. Thats his biggest form.I Shall make it smaller.
  2. Its very good at science and technology.(In particular chemistry)
  3. It has no IKEAS
  4. Yamnu culture is turkish culture.
  5. It is actually an Turkish Acronym and born from Turanic Ideology.
  6. Hello! I ask you for Yamnuan SECONDARY anthem (the primary one is Turkish anthem) to vote
  7. between:
  8. Yugoslavian Anthem insturmental
  9. Vivaldi 4 seasons-Spring
  10. Write your choice on comments
  11. One that eren paşa made will be 2nd flag of yamnu


Examples of Yamnuan Law

1-Its illegal for the Yamnuan Government to sign a trade treaty containing ISDS (letting companies suing countries) and trade secrets are banned too.

2-Acting like Katie Hopkins can get you 2 years in prison.

3- The minimum wage is about 1400 YL (approx. 3000 USD)

4- Scientific research is supported by the government and no less than 3.5 percent of tax money goes to Research and Development by law.

5-Copyright protection is only 25 years paid+ 26 years of Creative Commons (tell your source and its OK).



The Yamnuan Lira (ISO code YML) is divided to 100 Tenge (Turkish: Tenge or Denge because same linguistic root) and 1 Tenge is divided to 10 Kuruş. There are coins of 2, 1 Lira 75, 50, 25, 20, 10, 5, 1 Tenge and 5, 2, 1 Kuruş coins. There are banknotes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 Lira.

1 YML in 2027 equals to 6.020202 USD, which makes 1 Tenge 0.06 USD and 1 Kuruş equal to 0.006 USD

Coins are usually round except for two-fold ones which are an octagon and five-fold ones which are a hexagon.

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