Yasia (/yāʒə/), officially the Yasian Empire is Yoshifan's official nation that was first located in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It was hypernation in his series, but Yasia collapsed after the USA's partisans. However, Yasia‘s legacy didn't die.

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Yasian Empire
2020–2042 Persia.png


"You're my enemy if you're my enemy's friend"
Yasia large.png
Yasia at its' maximum extent
Capital Mundus (Islamabad)
Languages Yasian
Religion Islam
Government Socialist republic
Historical era Future
Currency Yasian rupee


Yasian Socialist Republic was created in 2020, after the formation of Germania. This was due to the fact that Pakistan was captured by socialist coup, and the leader was elected Stalin admiring Alec Badarin. Quickly, Yasia declared war on Afghanistan, which was captured in three months. As a consequence, the Turkestan States declared war on Yasia. For Yasia did not want the war to last forever, the government developed a new army equipment nanotechnology. The war was over in about a year. Yasian President Alec Badarin declared Yasian Empire, even though socialism remained in the country. In the same year, Yasia joined the Soviet side of the Third World War, which was launched by the Soviets to take over Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. But after a while the allies (NATO) proclaimed the United Human Empire, the Yasian Empire joined the Allies and declared war on the Soviet Union. In 2024, the Third World War ended the Allied victory, and Yasian government had to build 38 cities again. This took up to 6 billion euros, as Yasia had received little financial support from the United States. After the war, Yasia had received new areas of the north and west. Eurasia was divided into sixteen different countries and sepatarism increased significantly. For this reason in 2040, Yasia declared war to weak neighboring countries. First, Yasia taked over 70% of Nationalistica's areas, without doing anything. Second, Yasia declared war to China, India and Israel. Israel fell to the rebels after declaration of Aegyptia. Europa, The Great African Republic, Ottomans and Valgond declared war on Yasia in the autumn 2040 because of the aggression. Yasia captured it's largest size in 2041, when it was owned 75% of the entire Asian area. As a result, the United States sent a lot of partisans Yasia, and after the rebellion, Yasia was entirely occupied by the United States in 2042, when the Yasian domination ended. However, Yasia did not die out completely. It was sent far away into space. Uli hired Yasia to destroy the Earth's inhabitants.

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Current flag


Yasia's old flag


Yasia's oldest flag





  • Ulia
  • Manaan-Weimar (friendship confirmed with Revanmapper)


  • Pylion (rivalry confirmed with Asdf Mapping)
  • USA

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