Soviet Republic of Yevorana


Yevorana in Dark Green
Allies in Light Green
Everyone else in Gray
Capital Budapest
Languages Yevoranie
Government Partocracy
Historical era Future
Currency Yevv

The Politcal Soviet Republic of Yevorana, also known as just Yevorana (Pronounce: Yev-o-raana) is a country in AFOE (MOAP) . Founded in 2327, they came to dominate most of Eastern Europe, with land spanning from Germany to Kazakhstan. It now controls the lands between Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and the Balkans. Yevorana remains a economic power to this day, with the second biggest economy after Vintome, an ally. Yevorana is known as a "Partocracy" Due to its unique form of government, and the ethnic population is 85% Slavic, 10% Turkish, and 5% Asian.



After Crimea conquered much of Eastern Europe, the Empire was renamed Yevorana. They managed to influence the area to the point of almost outright puppetry. Soon after, Yevorana formed an alliance with the three most powerful countries in Europe at the time (Excluding Yevorana), The Sahar Empire, Rennes, and Vintome . This alliance became known as the Quator Imperiis.


Yevorana suffered revolution after revolution coming from the annexed former countries. Eventually, starting with Miracium , a wave of independent nations came about, this was known as the Balkanisation of Yevorana. However, they aren't out yet, as the alliance between them and the other three remain strong, and their focus on economics is bringing them to the top once more.


World War Four, which is ongoing, isn't making an impact on Yevorana's status, but the Numerous parties are growing increasingly worried about Talin's warmongering, after the ambassador from Vintome has notified the defence party leader Josef Akzani.


The Newer, Theocratic flag.

Power and Culture


Yevorana's politics and culture are very compicated. With groups known as "Controlling Parties" Governing certain aspects of the Nation (E.g, The Finance is handled by the Financial Party), much like the Soviet System of the early Soviet Union (But with political leaders governing them 

Flag yev

"One to rule the world"

(instead of workers representing). 


Yevorana is in danger of becoming a Theocracy due to the church of Yevorana's influence on some leaders of said parties, not to mention the State of Emergency put on after the acting head of state (Joheb IV) was assasinated by anarchists, Yevorana is becoming increasingly unstable.


Yevorana's people are cynical and distrusing to just about anything, with over 75% of the population convinced that the Care Bears are actually Psychopathic serial killers. They are also very obsessed with conspiricies, so much so that it has its own party.

Because of this, corruption rates are at an all time low. However, the people are becoming increasingly angry at the lack of experience most party leaders have, and protests reign the streets at night, but alas, they are all but ignored.


Yevoranaball, complete with Religious extremism.