Pre-History and Roman Times

The Zapadrus' people originate from the steppes of Kazakhstan, where they lived as slaves of the Scythians. During the Slavic immigration they rebelled and joined the Slavs in their westward course. They settled in Latvia, where they founded a community where it eventually became modern day Riga.

Middle Ages

The first important event after those times was the Livonian invasion. The Livonian Order arrived at the Zapadrus’ lands, pillaging their way and destroying the Zapadrus’ armies. The Zapadrus’ had to call for help from their Lithuanian allies and the Polish king. They managed to hold Riga and the surrounding lands, but lost the rest of the territory. They were helped by the commonwealth to regain their territory, but was betrayed and annexed. The Russians liberated them during their war with Poland. They often helped the Russians in their wars.

Napoleonic Wars

In the Napoleonic wars Zapadrussia fought the French puppet of Talin. After the war they helped the Russians in the Crimean war. In WW1 the Zapadrussians were helping the Russians and fighting Talin. In WW2 they joined the war when USSR did. In the Cold war they took the side of USSR, becoming communist in the progress. After the fall of the USSR they stayed aligned to the Russian Federation. Today, Zapadrussia is a member of the Russian sphere of influence.

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