Zephyrus was awarded the kingdom of Mapynae after helping the Titan MOaP with his Trials. He ruled wisely over the most powerful kingdom of Mapperdonia

The Battle against the Arcy Hydra

It was a common morning when Zephyrus, King of Mapynae, noticed a strange storm waging in Mount Mapperdonia. He had met a divinity before and knew what a Theomachy looked like, so he rallied his army of Mapynae with his general Multi and marched on Mount Mapperdonia. As his army marched on and on to the Titan Home, they felt a force pushing back against them. Some couldn't handle it, however Zephyrus barely felt it. By the time they reached the Titan Home, only Multi an a company of 50 men were left in the force. He and his men bursted in in the Titan Home, where they met an ongoing battle. The evil Hydra-like creature Arceus had poisoned the king with his lies, allowing him to do as he please, and was waging war aginst the other 6 Titans (3 of them were gone). He realized that the Titans and guides lacked proper strategy and tactics. When he offered to drill them, being a professional of war, most of them laughed, however a Titan and a Guide accepted his help. The Titan was the Collosal and the Guide was the Guide of the People, remembering his deeds in the Colossal's trials.

Through them he taught them the art of war, and soon enough they were ready for action. Golden was to lure the Hydra into the right spot, a cage-like space. Then MOaP was to jump in and distrubt the Hydra while the rest would bar the enterance and get MOaP out the last second. They then started shooting the Hydra, while Zephyrus was to go and talk to Batran. There, along with MOaP, they took the xXx_B4n_n0sc0ping_3pic_b0w_xXx, despite Batran's first rejection. The bow was said to be able to even kill divine beings. Zephyrus offered MOaP the bow, who shot the Hydra right in the heart, evading it's deadly heads.

The titans offered Zephyrus to stay in the Titan Home in return, but he said that he has a people to rule but he said that he would visit whenever he can. The Titans move Mapynae in the Mount Mapperdonia foothills and made Zephyrus a lesser guide. They also permitted any Mapynaean to come to the Titan Home. Due to this events the Titans and Guides respected mortals more than they used to, and Zephyrus lived a happy life ever after, with the daughter of the Colossal Titan and had many children.


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