Ziaan is a nation formed after the 3rd world war when the Balkan nations including nations near the Balkans banded together to beat the German Empire and in doing so allowed an allied victory. Because of this Fascist fanatics in southern Italy Blamed the loss of war to false ideologies that should be taken away to ensure the glory of the nation and independence stays intact. After a short but successful rebellion the fascist fanatics were able to install a new nation of Ziaan named named after there leader Gustafo Ziaan. After gaining independence the nation would go on to conquer Africa in the Ziaanian war of aggression on the African/Sicilian states. There won many victories the largest being the landing on Tunis which ended with a loss of 1000 Ziaanians and 50,000 Tunisians. Soon enough after they went north to Italy to united the Italian Peninsula while also attacking Albania in the same war. After winning the war in a short time of 2 months he then went on to Greece who had many allies throughout the Balkans. This war would end in....

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