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Zombie Melon's Youtube: Zombie Melon is an Australian mapper. He has created the following Youtube series:

  • The Future of Europe
  • New Future of Europe
  • The Future of the World

He also has some one-off videos:

  • History of Otlos(Series may be created later)
  • Besiege-Zombie Melon Plays

Created Nations

These nations have currently been created in the first video.

  • Hungary-Romania( Lands- Hungary, Romania. Duh..)
  • Baltics( Lands- Estonia, Lithuania & Latvia)
  • East Balkan(Should be West, massive fail! Lands- Croatia, Bosnia & Montenegro)
  • Poland Major(Lands- Poland, Czech Republic & Slovakia)
  • Great Germania(Lands- Germany, Belgium, Netherlands & Austria. Later on Denmark as well)
  • Timisoara(Lands- Western Romania and Eastern Hungary)

These nations have currently been created in the second video.

  • Bucharest( Lands- South East Romania)
  • Kingdom of Rus( Lands- Western Russia)
  • United Caucasus Republic( Lands- Russian part of the Caucasus)
  • Hunland( Lands- West & Northern Hungary)
  • Roma(Lands- Western Romania)
  • North Romania( Lands- North East Romania)
  • Iberia( Lands- Spain & Portugal)
  • Italian Empire( Lands- France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Montenegro)
  • North Africa( Lands- Libya & Egypt)

These nations have been created in the third video.

  • Triumvirate of Nations( Lands- Libya, Egypt, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Syria, Italy)

These nations have been created in the fourth video.

  • Prussia( Lands- Eastern Germany & Northern Poland)
  • Rhineland( Lands- Western Germany & Netherlands)
  • Bremen( Lands- North Western Germany)
  • Hamburg( Lands- Northern Germany)
  • Austria( Lands- Austria, Southern Germany & Northern Italy)
  • Serbia( Lands- Serbia)
  • Catalonia( Lands- North Eastern Spain)
  • North Russian Federation( Lands- Northern Russia)
  • Ural Empire( Lands- Eastern Russia)
  • Scandinavia( Lands- Norway & Sweden)
  • Sudetenland( Lands- Western Czech Republic)
  • Silesia( Lands- South Western Poland)
  • Hesse( Lands- South Westen Germany)
  • Thuringia( Lands- Southern Germany)
  • Saxony( Lands- Central Germany)

Note: Some of these names are names of real places, but not countries.

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