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29th September 2013


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Omg, it's THE REAL ZukasMapping.


  • New Mappers (No Offense)
  • Capitalism
  • Fascism
  • American Rednecks
  • Sport obsesed guys
  • Zionists
  • Kiddos who claim to be Communist

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  • Communism
  • Socialism
  • Urban Exploration
  • Anime
  • Debating
  • Masturb8ing
  • Nationalism
  • Oldags (Old Mappers
  • Racist Jokes
  • ur mum puns


We must herald our internationalist ideals sacred, however, we must not forget that all workers must have the right of celebrating their traditions and their victories and have the right of self-determination.

-Giorgos R***S on Patriotic Socialism

'There will be bumpy roads, but humanity will only get better

-Giorgos R***S on his 8 paragraph script about the future

Political stances

Zukas Mapping has always been in the left side of the political spectrum, over the years he has reasearched a lot on politcs and especially Marxism and is a self proclaimed Marxist-Leninist. Although lately he has become interested in the government of the Democratic Socialist and Left-Wing Nationalist PASOK around 1974 - 1993. (Not modern PASOK) 

Like most Communists, he believes in a transitionary period between Capitalism and Communism, Socialism. He believes that Socialism will either come from revolution, or a massive popular movement winning through Bourgeiose elections. He believes in a massive welfare state, elimination of any bourgeiose influence in the economy and the means of production, a strong state that is directly run by the people, democratically. He is against (Ultra)nationalism but can be very patriotic, as he is against foreign influence in his country and all other countries.